English summary: Individual counselling - personal assistance relationship Shamanism - Four Directions & Medicine Wheels - Systemic Ritual® facilitator - Representation of Ancestors Field - ProcessWork resolving internal or external conflicts

Finding answers, orientation with the Four Directions "medicine wheels  Individual session and workshops 

* Introduction to shamanism, light trance

* Question and answer workshop on shamanism, on shamanisms

* Clarify your place, choices, situations, relationships, beliefs

* Representation of the generations of Ancestors

* Exploring one's belonging, the lineages before oneself

* Discovering new potentials

* Recovering one's power, balancing oneself, getting out of depressive feelings

Individual accompaniment Clarify, take stock of yourself

State what is wrong, a question you have about a subject, a problem in your life, or the area you need to transform. Orient yourself and build on what is going well

Individual session contact@catherinelemaignan.com


Shamanism and Four directions 

Introduction to shamanism, the Four Directions, light trance, movements of the soul(s) in the traditions

You are wondering about shamanism: To integrate the fundamentals of shamanism, your own belonging, the wheels of medicine, the knowledge of the movements of the soul and discover what suits you in the middle of all these approaches. Harmoniously transform situations, relationships. You will learn, work and explore your issues with the "Four Directions" independently.

Individual or group : contact@catherinelemaignan.com


Family Systems - Ancestors - Systemic Rituals

Find your strength, reconcile with yourself and with your belongings

Build a representation of your own ancestral systems, better understand your place, your history, in relation to others. Discover the unthought of and healing aspects of the stories and dynamics of connections, make sense of and heal from your family history.

Individual or group : contact@catherinelemaignan.com


Personality, Soul and the Four Bodies

Discover what constitutes us, our ways of being

What are you doing against you or for you? Explore and feel how you function by learning to distinguish the different bodies that constitute us. Start from where you are, feel where some of your obstacles are. See where your strengths and resources are. Discover your next steps

Individual appointment or group contact@catherinelemaignan.com

An individual appointment or group session places you in a process of resolution

and can change your complex situations, your present challenges and your representations of the past.

You will be directly learning the Four Directions and integrating the knowledge of the different directions (East-South-West-North; Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter,...) to use them as a compass in your life.

If you are already engaged in therapeutic work, or have experience with different approaches to accompaniment, a one-time session or the group workshops will help you move forward in your search with new insights.


Paris 10th & 14th French/English

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